Falln_str (falln_str) wrote in elmhurst,

I know this community is for the city of Elmhurst, but I figured that I may be able to get some of my questions answered through here...

I am going to be a transferring sophomore, probably into the spring semester somewhere in Illinois--preferably the Chicago area. Elmhurst college is among my choices and, I would really just like some feedback. My major is pyschology--so I'm mostly looking for feedback on if this is a good school for psychology studies and what kind of school Elmhurst College is...?

Any feedback is very much welcome.

The website for Elmhurst College looks very inviting, and the psychology program looks good. I just won't be able to continue with my graduate studies there, because it looks like they only offer graduate studies for those who wish to continue into teaching. I want a clinical setting--I want to be a couselor. Which, I think, I am going to transfer to Boston University after I get my Bachelors.

But anyways, any one going to Elmhurst College who can provide some facts. Some advice. Anything.

Thank you very much.
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